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001Micron Key Logging Software

Disk Restore
10 Nov 2007

Download computer monitoring software that detects each keystroke pressed by your keyboard and save them into a password protected log file. This keykatcher utility saves all chat conversations, emails, visited URLs, programmed open in a text file with its date, time and session. This computer spy software detects your cheating spouse activities in your absence and sends you screenshots after a regular period of time interval. This data logger utility works in two modes one is advanced and another one is hidden so that no one can see it in task manager, add remove programs or in start menu. This activity monitor is very helpful for your business computers because it see that your employees share the secrets of your company and tells you via log file. This parental control application records all the keys of all keyboards even it also stores all special characters, functional keys etc. This remote spy is also useful when you are typing something in a word processor or in any text application and suddenly your computer quits or hangs from any unwanted reason then with the help of this spy agent you can regain all text you have typed within a minute. This key strokes logger works with all windows operating systems and its simple to use graphical user interface makes this very user friendly for those who are computer beginners.

Important Features:
* Undetectable by any keylogger detector or antivirus program.
* Capable to work in both hidden and advanced mode.
* Comes with simple to use GUI.
* Supports all type of special or functional keys.
* Capable to work with all types of keyboards.
* Maintains a password protected log file.
* Detects your cheating girlfriend or kids activities.
* Capable to remove itself from add remove programs.
* Works with all windows platforms including vista or longhorn.

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