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MSSQL to MySQL Migrator

Convert Database
10 Jan 2008

Download Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL conversion software is safe secure and accurately converts source database attributes into MySQL 2000 server records. Data base conversion tool reliably transform tables (structures and data) of large database and converts into required database format with supporting Integrity and Consistency. Database migration tool precisely translate database properties includes Primary keys, Foreign keys, Constraints, Indexes, Domains, Validations and Null values of database system into desired data tables format. No need to convert your whole database, there is an option to convert certain tables, fields and indexes from a source database to destination. MSSQL database conversion software migrates the entire database schema, including triggers and stored procedures, in fully integrated, environment. MSSQL migration tool maintains database anomalies like insertion, updation, deletion and supports Unicode architecture with multi byte character sets. The intuitive functionality and easy-to-use graphical user interface gives an excellent layout and makes data migration quick and convenient. Automatic database convertor supports both mixed or windows mode authentic configuration of database system. Database converter automate migrates MSSQL to MySQL by using convenient data-conversions rich wizard interface.
* MSSQL to MySQL database migration program converts MSSQL database attribute to MySQL server record database.
* Database migration tool maintains consistency and integrity during conversion of indexes, primary, foreign keys, Null values, Relations into desired MySQL format.
* Converter program supports Unicode architecture.
* Freeware converter utility provides safe secure and guaranteed data conversion and avoids database anomalies.

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