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Adivo TechWriter for Databases 2009.r3

Adivo Ltd
13 Jul 2010

TechWriter for Databases is a documentation generator for databases that leverages the information locked inside your database to automatically produce database reference documentation.
Save time and money... Instead of spending hours writing and formatting technical documentation from scratch, you can finish the job in seconds with TechWriter. Creating your first reference document is only a few mouse clicks away.
Keep Synchronized... Nobody likes outdated system documentation. By including TechWriter in your development process your documentation can be regenerated as your database changes.
Easily target different audiences. Give your readers documentation they can understand by editing and expanding on the descriptions of your database tables, columns, views and stored procedures.
Choose your output format... Create both printed and online documentation at the same time. TechWriter can generate your documentation in PDF, Compiled Help (CHM), Word/RTF, XML and HTML formats.
Document multiple databases... TechWriter supports documenting Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and SAS databases. And best of all, you can mix and match them to produce a single document that describes multiple databases.
Good Practice... For many industries and agencies, providing documentation has become mandatory for: CMMI Certification, Security Certification and Accreditation, Processes, FDA regulated validation procedures, and ISO 9000. With the ever changing nature of IT, it is more critical than ever to have your systems properly documented - providing quality doc for your databases is no exception.

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