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Computer Monitoring

Computer monitoring
21 Jan 2010

Download monitoring application which helps IT professionals, business organizations, colleges and universities in recording activities of external user while surfing over internet. Professionally developed visual surveillance program records keystroke actions, clipboard activities and visited URL information for single and multiple user working either online or offline. Freeware keylogger technology stores all recorded information in encrypted log files and generates report in html and text format. Technically advanced keystroke activity tracker utility perform all surveillance function in hidden manner without being appeared on computer screen, control panel, task bar, add-remove program and remains undetected by any sort of antivirus, antikeylogger software. Brilliant keystroke activity tracker application captures screen shots at certain time interval and sends updated details of user activity to concerned person in periodic manner. Advance parental control product facilitates with shortcut command keys, option to choose input view of keystrokes, remote monitoring, backup of recorded details for future reference and inbuilt user help manual.
Software features:
* Professional keylogger software runs in stealth mode and records activities of user working in office, home, college or somewhere else.
* Technically advance computer monitoring application records keystrokes as well as captures screen shots of visited web pages.
* Best parental control program stores all recorded information in the form of log files and generates report to inform admin about activities of user.
* Cost effective and reliable keystroke activity tracker utility provides some special features to administrator like password protected interface and hot key option to ensure unique access.
* System activity recorder tool is having inbuilt user manual that enables non technical user to keep track of user activities on computer without any prior training.

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