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Internet Parental Control

Internet parental control
28 Mar 2011

Download versatile parental control software utility that empowers user to watch complete system usage by secondary user during your absence by secretly executing in totally hidden mode does not appear on system control panel, add/remove programs and even undetectable in installation folder paths. Advanced keylogger parental control tool tracks keyboard typed keystrokes and generates log files consisting exact details of files accessed, work processed and folders navigated by guest user in your absence. Professional parental control keylogger software facilitates system owner to get information of the activities performed by children, business partners, employees, spouse, secretary, friends and other users with complete details of data accessed and modifications to files or system settings. Affordable parental control utility provides finest services of spying computer machine in your absence by storing complete second person activities including chat conversations, folder navigation, email composed, website browsed URL, email address, typed text, movies played, applications launched, played games, video chat screenshots, system sound recordings and other doings in easy to understand HTML or TXT format log files. Powerful and efficient parental control keylogger software consistently monitors system usage and stores complete activities performed like media files played, data copied form system memory or files moved from removable drive to computer storage along with path when any USB removable drive device is attached to computer machine.
* Activity monitoring parental control utility periodically captures system screenshot images.
* Keylogger parental control software monitors all modifications made to files in your absence.
* System activity tracking tool records all system keyboard typed keystrokes and activities secretly.
* Parental control software generates system usage logs and send/upload at owner email ID or server.

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