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Keylogger Free

Keylogger free
17 May 2011

Keylogger free software generates log reports for all typed keystroke in txt, html format and provides facility to deliver at user defined email address. Keystroke monitoring application simply works in conceal mode and undetectable from Task manager, program files, desktop icons, control panel of PC. Keylogger free software keeps track of all online applications executed on computer system such as chat conversations, downloaded images, themes, games, clips etc. Extra ordinary keystroke recorder utility helps business managers to keep a close eye on their employees PC activities during office hours. Keylogger free software helps you to know whether your kids wasting their time in talking with strangers, downloading malicious themes, files, picks etc while your absence. Keystroke monitoring application monitors all text chats performed on Yahoo, Facebook, Skype, GTalk, MSN, ICQ and many other popular messengers. Keylogger free software is genuine PC surveillance tool that frequently implements in various business organizations, cyber cafes, schools/colleges, investigation agencies etc. Keyboard tracking program provides highly interactive GUI that helps you to monitor entire PC without requiring any special technical learning. Keylogger free software offers you to silently monitor what actions performed on PC by your friends, family members, relatives when you are not around. Surveillance utility is fully compatible with all advanced versions of Window operating system including Windows XP, 7, Vista series.
Software features:
* Keylogger free software hides its presence from all main areas of PC and silently observes whatever happens on your computer.
* Keystroke monitoring tool provides password authentication so that only authorized user can access software settings.
* Keylogger free software monitors PC usage of your kids when you are far away from home.
* Spyware application is capable to record all online/offline applications running on your computer.

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