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Keylogger for Mac OS X

Keylogger for Mac OS X
21 Jun 2011

Do you want to trace spouse, kids or employee internet activities on your computer in your absence? Company definitely helps in this situation by offering advance keylogger software that easily records all typed text, email files, visited websites and many more without any one’s knowledge. Mac OS X keylogger program offers great job for you by keeping constant eyes on your PC activities in most hidden manner. Innovative PC monitoring application provides effective yet simple solution to get back all email login account details including password information that previously entered by you or other person on your PC. Proficient employee controlling program efficiently traces all websites urls that visited by your employees during business hours to enhance their productivity and security. Hidden keyboard recording program provides straight forward way to find out whether your employees sending business secret files and crucial files to any third party or competitors. Stealth keystroke logger software designed for Mac OS X to track various online (chat, email, searches etc) and offline (typed documents, etc) activities in real time and generate txt or html report of all recorded data that later send at specified email. Spy computer keylogger software easily maintains log files of clipboard activities like copy and paste in unseen manner. Remote tracking key logger software for Mac OS X monitors and records instant messages, chat conversation and many more to control your child internet activities.
* Innovative Mac keylogger program efficiently records every pressed keys even all special characters including shift, tab, ctrl, alt, enter, etc.
* Apple Mac keystroke recording software tells what document or file transfer from your PC in your absence via email or USB drives.
* Employee PC monitoring software facilitates user to record all voice activities including video chat, calls, listen music, watch movies etc in undetectable manner.

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