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Sinatica Monitor for Firebird 2.0

Sinatica IT
03 May 2008

Sinatica Monitor can help you increase your Firebird server's performance in various ways:

1) Eliminating Slow Statements:
Sintica Monitor makes the job of identifying slow SQL statements easy. You just set the Slow Statements Alarm, and from then on Sinatica Monitor generates an Alarm Report for each incident. This report contains the complete SQL statement identification, along with statistics that will help you understand why it is slow.

2) Decreasing Disk I/O Usage:
Using the Greatest I/O Consumers Chart, you watch in real-time who is consuming the largest amounts of resources from the disk subsystem - processes, users and clients. This information allows you to focus on correcting the biggest consumers and obtaining more expressive performance results in less time.

In addition, Sinatica Monitor also tracks every SQL statements' Table Scan Index. When some statement executes a Table Scan and consumes a lot of disk I/O, Sinatica Monitor generates a report that completely identifies the statement along with I/O statistics.

3) Assuring Good Transaction Flow:
Good transaction management is essential for Firebird`s optimal performance.
Sinatica Monitor identifies which transactions are open in real-time. You may also set the Transaction Alarm and be notified if any of those transactions go past a configured threshold.

4) Constant Monitoring:
In Sinatica Monitor, you have and ally monitoring your databases at all times. Don't wait until your customers complain about your Firebird server's performance. Keep monitoring actively and be alerted at the first signs of difficulty.

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