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NConstruct 3.0.0

Biro M&T
12 Jun 2011

* True Rapid Application Development
When you create the database with regard to your customer's demands, you are just a few clicks away from the core of your future application. With NConstruct you get the whole executable and/or source code* for application server, Windows and Web client within minutes.

* Robust and scalable .NET Remoting client-server application
NConstruct Builder creates robust and scalable application servers which can work as standalone applications or as a Windows Service, and Windows client applications with a .NET Remoting connection to application server. The NConstruct Builder's wizard procedure creates and compiles two Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 solutions with full source code and supplementary libraries.*

* ASP.NET 2.0 Web application
NConstruct Builder can also create ASP.NET 2.0 Web applications.* By using Fowler's Presenter pattern, NConstruct uses the same logic twice for two different views - Windows and Web.

* Object - oriented design patterns used
We used many of available design pattern, and we are also trying to stick to recommendation of programming against interfaces, instead of classes.

* Entity source code and NHibernate O/R mapping creation
Using a NHibernate "Bottom up" development scenario, which begins with an existing database scheme and data model, the NConstruct Builder extracts metadata from the database and uses it to generate XML mapping files and .NET persistent classes - in other words, a skeleton for the .NET persistence layer.

* Generic GUI creation
With the help of .NET Attribute and Reflection programming feature, we have created a generic graphical user interface. For all tables in the database NConstruct provides a grid table and single record form with the possibility to search, browse, sort, edit, add, delete, copy, print, and export the data.

* Application module selection

* Multilanguage GUI support

* Integrated security module

* Easy switch of GUI components

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