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Data Monkey G.D.H. 2.0.0

Dataday Solutions Limited
07 Mar 2006

Data Monkey GDH is an ETL and Database Administration application that works with ODBC compliant data sources. With this one tool you can move and manipulate data between ANY odbc compliant data source. With Data Monkey GDH you are able to run adhoc SQL statements the way you would in applications like Toad, SQL plus or Query Analyzer making it a great tool for database administration, but with Data Monkey GDH, you use the same tool, with the same feature set regardless of the database type your connecting to. Now combine this with the same level of ETL features only seen in applications like DTS and Power Center and you start to get an idea of the endless possibilities Data Monkey gives you. Create your own native .Net transformation functions giving you a level of power and flexability that's hard to find elsewhere. Move data from mySQL into Oracle then from there into SQL server then Excel, XML, FoxPro, Access, Siebel Analytics, Goldmine, Analysis Services or whatever else you've got. Once you've created your Data Monkey job, you can then schedule it to run whenever you want. Use the lightweight console application to call your Data Monkey ETL jobs in 'Batch' mode. Execute the job from within your own applications via code or script. Perfect if you need your new application's data import to be powerful and flexible. Embed the console application directly into SQL Server DTS packages. Perform 'Quick Backups' to copy multiple tables into an Excel workbook at the click of a mouse. (perfect for backing up reference data or daily transactions.) You also get Global Parameters, FTP, Configurable Actions, Integrated Email support, SQL BCP Utility, Quick Backups, advanced control over data transformation via C# or Vb.net and the ability to chain jobs together.

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