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ADDA(Advanced Data Dictionary Architect) 1.0.5

Bino Levi International Investments Ltd.
06 Nov 2004

ADDA is a multipurpose toolkit for designing, creating and maintaining the database layer throughout the entire application lifecycle.

*Database primary planning.
*Keep track of most recent changes.
*Automatically deploy changes.
*Using pool of columns for common use to speed up development time.
*CASE like database display.
*End user can add customized tables and columns.
*Instant automatic database creation.
*Fully automatic upgrade of customer's database.
*Open file format (XML).
*Reverse-engineer existing databases.
*Generate SQL creation scripts.
*Report on all changes and errors.
*Print data dictionary.

Classic development tools specializing in database applications such as FoxPro, Magic or Clarion rely heavily on data dictionary. Metadata coupled with application code reduces chaos and speeds up development. Modern IDEs for .NET, such as MS Visual Studio, Borland Delphi and Borland C# Builder although supplied with powerful tools, lack the strong link to the database structure.

ADDA is the perfect solution for this niche. It provides convenient and easy to manage data dictionary, as well as complete upgrade solution and customization capabilities for advanced end users.

ADDA is an excellent supplement to the modern development tools. Not only it organizes database-related metadata, but also transforms the long tedious procedure of database upgrade to a single click, eliminating the very need of DBA presence on site. Given its easy deployment, it is even more effective for large scale application users.Save time and money developing databases.

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